Thomas Lumley

Welcome to my art

Greetings let me introduce myself my name is Penny J  im from Newcastle Upon Tyne a single mother of two teenagers ,when the first lockdown came i lost my job and had a kind of crazy epiphany to paint , just to escape from the world maybe i really dont know,but ive never painted before this , i just knew i had to pick up a brush and when i did the world was shut out and i was in my own world, that of serenity, magic and meditation . I still say im being taken over by spirit and sometimes they come through in my paintings, funny thing is while some people can clearly see them many cannot , and i truly believe my paintings are destined for certain individuals that will stop and see the spirit in them therefore maybe its meant for you , drift through my paintings  slowly i would love to hear your thoughts , im just an email away . 

Please click on the paintings for a better image many thanks there are 2 pages to go to next page click on page 2 at the top of this page 

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Lady Eleanor    mermaid called Maggie

Arrival of Dracula

Sailors peace       The Demeter 

Dracula s Beast       The Green room

And its alright Lady Eleanor

Lady Eleanor Lumley Castle

Starry Night

Walking out after the storm

Doorway to Dorset

St Mary’s Lighthouse

Moon playing in the waves

Tiger tiger

Dolphins at dusk

Sunshine on daisies

Draculas arrival

Demons Love

Mountain Wolf